Company Profile

Kridhan Infra, over the last five years, has evolved from a steel products manufacturer to a niche foundation engineering company. Kridhan was originally founded in Mumbai as Readymade Steel (RMS) in 2006. RMS pioneered the concept of “ready to use” steel for the Construction Industry in India.

Over the years, through a series of acquisitions, Kridhan has evolved into a high quality service provider in foundation engineering across the construction and infrastructure sectors - both in India and South East Asia. The Company is present across the value chain of foundation engineering, from soil investigation to piling. The Company is the second largest foundation engineering company in Singapore with a track record of successful execution of over 250 projects. It has the prestigious L6 certification with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, enabling it to tender for unlimited project values in foundation engineering. With the current acquisition of a listed civil engineering company with a long history and a proven track record as a main contractor will not only enable Kridhan to diversify its revenue stream, but also elevate it from a Sub-Contractor to a Main Contractor, thereby moving up the value chain, which otherwise would take years of organic growth.

Kridhan has also successfully ventured into other SE Asian countries including Malaysia and Myanmar. It is well placed to tap the growing infrastructure opportunities in India on the back of superior technology and execution track record.