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Bored Piling

Kridhan Services Bored Piling

  • Used for the construction of large buildings; higher than 10 storeys
  • Process is a deeper drilling for strong building foundation
  • Deal for very dense and hard ground conditions
  • Typically large projects lasting 3-12 months
  • Used in Shangri La Myanmar project with healthy margins

Driven Piling

Kridhan Services Driven Piling

  • Uses equipment which typically causes noise and vibrations
  • Suitable for projects in relatively less populated locations
  • Uses steel bars and cement, mainly for medium sized buildings
  • Ideal for very dense and hard ground conditions.
  • Used in large projects lasting 3 months

Micro Piling & Soil Improvement

Kridhan Services Micro Piling

  • Used for low-rise buildings such as residential housing, uses cement grouted steel rebar
  • Mainly carried out for land which may not be suitable for construction activity (e.g. too much clay); Soil improvement is carried out through addition of sand
  • Expertise acquired through acquisition of PSL Engineering
  • Expected to be one of the key growth areas for the company

Soil Investigation

Kridhan Services Soil Investigation

  • Assess the suitability of soil for proposed construction
  • Mandatory requirement in Singapore to carry out soil investigation before commencement of any project
  • Expertise acquired through acquisition of Econ Geotech Pte Ltd
  • Process takes time based on the amount of drill required for the samples